How to make boxed brownies better



I have 2 dinners that I made this week that need posting, but I doubt I get them up here this week. I have a million things to do tomorrow after work, and I leave Wednesday after work to go to New York City 😀 Matt and I are going to celebrate 3 years of him putting up with me together. I am very excited, and we get to see his mom, which is always nice. I ❤ her :-D.

Anyway, enough mushy, I had to make baked items for The Bee’s bake sale this Saturday. Since I won’t be there to work it, I said I would bake. I made a double batch of funfetti cookies, and 2 batches of brownies. I decided that they needed to be special brownies, but I am tired and have other things to do, so I didn’t have time to be too fancy. I did spice them up a little.

The first batch I melted marshmallow fluff, dotted it around the brownie batter in the pan and swirled with a knife. Be careful when microwaving marshmallow fluff. Just like marshmallows, they puff up. Short spurts worked best.



The other batch got lines of melted peanut butter swirled into it.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

They bake just the same as if it was just the batter, but smell twice as good. My house smells amazing right now.

PB on left, Marshmallow on right

PB on left, Marshmallow on right

Next time you want to spruce up your brownies, toss in some PB or marshmallows.

Another tip- to cut clean brownies:

Make sure they are cool, and use a plastic knife. It works much better,less brownies stick to the knife. Though I heart when brownies stick to it, it is like a little treat for the cutter (ME) 😀

We are taking the Bolt Bus to NYC, it offers WiFi and Outlets to plug in, so maybe I will get a blog post in this week…or maybe I will nap…no promises.

Just get ready, Mexican Lasagna and Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole to come soon. 😀

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One Comment on “How to make boxed brownies better”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Sounds like a good idea. I’m going to try it right now actually. Thanks for the tip.


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