Oreo Delight

Yummy Oreo Delight

Yummy Oreo Delight

I found this recipe on  the Make Life Delicious blog.  When I was going through my saved recipes I noticed that everything I saved was chocolate and peanut butter, which is one of my favorite combination but I decided to keep looking for something different. This sounded good, and I was able to adapt it so that it was better for my grandfather who has diabetes (after all this was for fathers day)


35 – 40 oreos

6 tbsp melted butter

8 oz cream cheese, softened ( I used reduced fat )

1/4 c. sugar

2 tbsp cold milk

12 oz cool whip. thawed ( I used sugar free)

3 1/4 c milk

2 small pkg Jello chocolate instant pudding ( I used sugar free)


process cookies in food processor until crumbs form. ( I don’t have a food processor, so I used a nut chopper, it worked really well… the magic number is 6 cookies)

oreo crumbs

oreo crumbs

As Tim Gunn would say "make it work" so I did

As Tim Gunn would say "make it work" so I did

Mix in melted butter and then press into the bottom of a 9 by 13 pan. Refrigerate



Whisk cream cheese, suagr and 2 tbsp milk until blended, fold in 1 1/4 c cool whip.

cream cheese mixture

cream cheese mixture

Spread over crust

Beat pudding and 3 1/4 cup milk with whisk for 2 min. pour over cream cheese layer.

( I added some left over crushed oreos on top)

pudding layer

pudding layer

Let stand in fridge to thicken for 5 mins

Cover with rest of the cool whip and refrigerate for at least 4 hours. ( I added more crushed oreos on top to make it look pretty)

the finished product.

the finished product.

the layers are pretty

the layers are pretty

My family really liked this, and I felt good eating it because it was relatively healthy. It was quoted as being “refreshing.”

This is definitely a new go to for desserts. A great summer treat!

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2 Comments on “Oreo Delight”

  1. I’m glad you liked it! It’s one of my favorites as well. Since you liked this so much, you should also try Banana Pudding Squares. The recipe is very similar…and DELICIOUS! I always make it for company and get togethers and people always love it! ( http://makelifedelicious.com/2008/01/banana-pudding-squares/ )

    Thanks for stopping by my site!

  2. mema Says:

    you bet it was great and on a hot summer day, wonderful yum. yum . I am swure it will be a hit in Georgia

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