Aubrey’s UF Cookie Cake

My bestest’s 21st birthday was last Thursday. She lives in Florida, because I started a new job I couldn’t go down for her birthday as I had planned. So I did the next best thing. I made her a birthday cake…her favorite to be exact. A cookie cake. Everyone loves a cookie cake, and it is the easiest type of cake to mail I think. (more on that later)

I started with a home made cookie cake.  Then I decorated it.

Since Aub moved to FL to go to the University of Florida she has become obsessed with The Gators ( I don’t blame her, I am obsessed with all things Testudo.)

So the only thing to do was to make her a gator cake. I thought I would be able to trace it with piping gel and transfer it to the cake like the soccer cake.

Well that didn’t work, maybe 20% of the pattern transferred, and of course it was the outside, easy part, not the inside complicated part. So lucky for me I am a little artistic, so I hand drew the gator with icing, then filled it in.

the idea that failed

the idea that failed

my attempt at fixing it

my attempt at fixing it

turned out great!!!!

turned out great!!!!

finished product

finished product

After it was decorated I let the icing harden in the fridge over night. then wrapped it in plastic wrap and foil and froze it. put it in a bathroom scale box ( it was the perfect size for the cake, didn’t give it much room to wiggle around.) Then I took it to the post office Saturday am and the lady put it in another box and stuffed it, marked it with fragile and perishable all over and off it went to Florida, I just had to hope that it went there quickly, and that it didn’t get too hot and melted. She called me Monday and she got it! In one piece, the only thing messed up was the 21…not bad. If I can get a picture from her I will post how it looked when she got it. I am very very pleased with this cake. I am thinking that pretty cookie cakes my be my new favorite cake to make. 😀  Want one?

Here is what she got… it survived pretty well! 😀post mail

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One Comment on “Aubrey’s UF Cookie Cake”

  1. Gillian Says:

    What a great best friend! Good job Angela!

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