Sorry I am MIA

This move is making me crazy. We are in the new apartment….and we are mostly unpacked. But there is stuff everywhere. I am making a big effort this weekend to make it look like a home. My goal is to hang pictures by Sunday.

I did bake once… it was a learning experience about my oven – it get HOT compared to the electric ( I now have gas.)  I will post the recipe soon I promise – Maybe even a round 2 for it this weekend/week depending.

Bear with me, and don’t give up on me. I will be back soon. I have so many things I want to try, and I keep finding new blogs that have wonderful things on them. More added to my “must try” list.

Also, Aug 30 is Dear OLD Dad’s 50th birthday. I have some ideas floating about for his cake and desserts for the cookout he wants to have with just a couple friends… I think we are actually listening to him. The man turns 50 and we are only having a small cookout (where I am sure he will be doing the cooking out…) O well – it is what he wants. ( I did find black candles today- and a cool 50 is nifty candle) Small cookout or not the cake has to hold 50 candles so it won’t be too small.

See you soon! PROMISE!

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