I am at war

With  my oven.

evil oven

evil oven

Oh yes, the dear sweet beatutiful oven I was so excited to get. I can’t seem to get anything I bake in it to turn out right. (only one time was error on my end)

Things don’t cook right – they either burn like the blondies

or today I tried to make chocolate peanutbutter chip cookies and they came out undercooked – even after cookng for well over the time on the recipe

ewwy gooey cookies

ewwy gooey cookies

( I like gooey cookies  but I tired this and I feel like if I ate a whole cookie I’d have a tummy ache and probably salmonella. )

– and then of course the next batch i burned.

they may not look burned but they are hard as a rock. SIGH

they may not look burned but they are hard as a rock. SIGH

This is really upsetting to me- I haven’t sucessfully baked something since I moved here. 😦 I called my mema today to whine about this and ask her advice since she has used a gas oven forever. She suggested Iget an oven thermometer to make sure the oven temp is accurate. So I am going to do this when I make it to walmart. Hopefully I can get back in the baking game. I am of course the wanna be baker…and I wanna be baking. SIGH.

I am open to any and all suggestions out there. I promise I will bake soon. In fact I am doing a little baking this weekend for my dad’s bday – but I am waiting til I get to Frederick to use Moms oven. I know I can bake in that. 😀

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One Comment on “I am at war”

  1. Jax Says:

    We’ve had a gas oven for the past few years and it takes a lot of trial and error, but now it’s weird for me to cook in an electric oven! Patience.. it will all be fine.

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