Terps Cookie Cake

I love Testudo. I do. I found out you can have him come to your wedding reception and I love it. ( My parents and other may not but I think its pretty cool!)

I made a cookie cake because they are good and Matt likes them. I wanted to decorate it. So I picked Testudo. I am happy with this- it is a little sloppy in some places, but it wasn’t for any occasion and I am a little tired and have other things to do before bed tonight so I rushed a little.

I used piping gel as a guide – it doesn’t work as well on a cookie cake for detailed things I have decided. But it did the job. My only complaint with this is that the chocolate icing wasn’t light enough for testudo. But he still rocks.

piping gel guide

piping gel guide

Happy early Birthday to ME

Happy early Birthday to ME

Now to clean up the kitchen, pack for Hershey park tomorrow and go to bed. šŸ˜€ I like nights like this.

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